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List Of Events

Technical Quiz

1.Individual participation, No more teams.

2.Questions related to Technical.

3.Objective choose and fill up questions will be asked.

4.For Queries contact Santhosh : 7639853863

Code Cracking

1.Max two members per team.

2.Code books will provide at the spot.

3.Bringing own books not allowed.

4.For Queries contact Arul Surya : 9944613924

Best Plumber

1.Number of participations per team will be announced on spot.

2.A plumbing connections Picture will be show only once.

3.You have to give the connections as shown in the picture.

4.For Queries contact Ganesh Raja : 9600315159

Non technical Fun Events

Selfie Contest

mp3 quiz

Memes Creation


Fun games

For Queries contact Nanda : 9600277027


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Meet Web Developer

Dinesh Kumar