Registeration Form FT

Before Register, Please Kindly Check All The Informations.


Per head Rs 250 for 1 day.

Per head Rs 400 for 2 days.

Fashion Show: Designer-Rs 500, Model-Rs 350.


Participants should produce their bonafide certificate or ID card for registration.

Certificate will be provided to all participants.

Participants should notice the time of the events before their registration to avoid confusion.

No restriction for number of participant from an institution.

Decision of the judges will be the final.

Accommodation will be provided for outstanding participants.

DAY 1(26/07/2017):

Hartie Bestowal

Fiddle Flair

Modelo Festoon

Origo Caliete

List Of Events

Fiddle Flair

One illustration per candidate

Pencil and paint should be bought by them

Material provided by us: A3 sheet, cotton balls, sponge, buds, ice cream sticks

Duration: 1 hour

Theme will be given on spot.

Mystery Glow

2 participants per team

Materials to be bought by the participants

Duration :1hour

Theme will be given on spot.

Realistic Artifact

2 participants per team

Should not use pen and pencils

Materials provided by us: fabric

Materials should be brought by them (paint, knives, vegetables etc.)

Listed vegetables only used (potato, carrot, garlic, cucumber, ladies finger, capsicum, ginger, onion, corn, cabbage, zucchini )

Duration: 1 hour

Theme will be given on spot.

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