Campus Monitoring and Flying Squad


  1. Frequent surprise Inspection of Hostels and Campus. Ladies Hostel inspection alone done by Ladies Hostel Warden accompanied by Physical Directress / Senior female faculties.
  2. Any unethical incidents / violence / un lawfull weapons / unwanted objects found during this inspection, the squad will report the same to Principal and Police department.
  3. Reporting to be done day to day inspection and communication will be given to the top management and students parents for immediate notification.


S. No Name of the Staff Designation Mobile Number
1. Mr. B. Gopalakrishnan Vice Principal 9952358692
2. Dr. N. Dhandapani HoD/Mech 9865223350
3. Mr. C. Vasanthakumar HoD/ECE 9994244433
4. Mr. S. Kannan HoD/S&H i/c &

Mens Hostel Warden

5. Mr. S. P. Thangavel HoD/FT 8344477171
6. Mrs. Maria Gilda Mol HoD/Civil 8870431611
7. Mr. R.Sathish HoD/EEE 9788909390
8. Ms. S. Punitha Librarian & Ladies Hostel Warden 6383238312