About Dept :

Chemistry is solitary of the sciences which arouse engineers to innovate equipment and technique continuously for convention requisite of this competitive world. We in our ACET have set up this Laboratory to facilitate the students to understand the application of chemistry in Engineering and Technology.

About Lab:

The modern chemistry lab aims to initiate contemporary experimental methods in chemistry. The experimental resources and methodical tribulations covenant with in the laboratory reflect the most recent investigate and device in modern experimental chemistry. Laboratory exercises are strappingly supported by the evidence, while there needs to be essential re-thinking   of the use of laboratory instruction manual, with evaluation being explored afresh. The lab will provide profusion opportunities for the students to know the ways and means of accomplish the clean environment. The Equipment Include Flame photometer, UV Spectrophotometer, Digital conductivity meter, Digital Potentiometer meter, Viscometer, Digital Electronic Balance, pH meter, Water distillation unit, Glass wares, non carcinogenic chemicals and solvents.

Teaching Faculty :

No. Name of The Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Mrs. J. Jebaramya M.Sc., M.Phil., AP / Chemistry
2 Mrs. A. Radhika M.Sc., M.Phil., AP / Chemistry
3 Mrs. G. Kowsalya M.Sc., M.Phil., AP / Chemistry