About dept:english

The department of English strives to ease the acquisition of language learning through modern language  teaching  methods.  The State – of – the – art   language  laboratory  accelerates  and complements the teaching-learning process. Learning the language skills through audio-visual materials help the learners to gain independence, comprehensibility, fluency and creativity in using language. The multimedia language lab facilitates students to develop their literacy skills and communication skills. The Hi-class software installed in the laboratory provides exciting and unique opportunity to horn their LSRW skills through remedial grammar exercises, conversation, role play, group discussion presentations etc. The modern lab with advanced equipment facilitates students to explore the realm of English, especially for their professional growth. Students are encouraged to practice listening skills, enrich vocabulary, develop communication skills through group discussion and improve their reading rate through ample practices. In addition to being a component of regular course work, the Language Laboratory is designed to help students develop their skills in a pleasing and comfortable learning environment.

Teaching Faculty :

No.  Name of The Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Mrs.T.Priya M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.


AP / English