physics HDAbout dept :

The department has a well equipped laboratory with the equipments like Electro deposition setup for thin film preparation, Mathematical Simulation software (Maple), Ultrasonic Interferometer, Spectrometer, Laser Source, Fiber Optic Kit, Band gap determination kit etc. The aim of the physics laboratory is to provide a strong base in practical work from which students will be able to understand the concepts of engineering and also helpful to explore the new technologies. The department has periodically arranged many guest lecturers for the benefit of students and faculty members thorough out the year. The faculties are very keen not only the class room activities but also updating their knowledge continuously by carryout their research activities.

Teaching Faculty :

No. Name of The Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Mr. T. Mahalingam M.Sc., M.Phil., , Professor & Head / S&H
2 Mrs. R. Brindha M.Sc., M.Phil., , AP / Physics
3 Mrs. R. Manimegalai M.Sc., M.Phil., , AP / Physics