Angel Environmental Policy is intended

1. To create awareness among faculty and students on the 3 pillars of sustainable development (Economic, Environmental and Social), conservation of natural resources and environmental regulations.

2. To enable faculty and students to understand the environmental friendly technologies and engineering designs leading to circular economy.

3. To help the faculty and students to develop conservation oriented attitude and to upgrade the status of rural environment.

4. To incorporate eco- friendly practices such as Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, in each institutional activity.

5. To train the students to adopt fair, ethical and environment friendly approach and make them as responsible citizen.

Committee Members

S. No Name Designation Mobile Number Role
1. Mr. B. Gopalakrishnan  Principal i/c 9952358692 Coordinator
2. Prof. N. Dhandapani HoD/Mech  9865223350 Coordinator
3. Mr. S. P. Thangavel HoD/ Fashion Technology 8344477171 Coordinator
4. Mr.C.Vasanthakumar  HoD i/c/ECE 9994244433 Coordinator
5. Mrs.S.Vidhya HoD i/c/CSE 8668030403 Coordinator
6. Mr.G.MadhanRaja HoD i/c/Civil  9600445874 Coordinator
7.  Dr. A.Mahalingam  HoD/S&H  8508194156 Coordinator