The Grievance Redressal Committee of Angel College of Engineering and Technology will analyze every complaint raised by every student and takes necessary steps to redress the students complaints after carrying out a fair enquiry. The members of the committee advise students with reliable grievance to approach them for consultation in case of any grievance and take up their case for enquiry.


1. To assure a happy, strong and friendly learning culture for the student fraternity.

2. To preserve a hassle free environment in the academic institution.


1. To maintain the decorum of every student and the greatness of the academic institution.

2. To build up a cordial relationship between the stakeholders of the Institution.

3. To safeguard the students related issues; issues once attended and redressed immediately.


Students are informed to mail their grievance to the mail id – or submit their grievances in hand written format to any member of the committee. The members of the committee will attend to the complaints submitted after duly judging the merits of the case. The members of the committee can be approached by any student during the working hours. All complaints are checked, verified and document of the outcome of the issues within 7 days from the date of complaint raised.

Committee Members

S. No Name Designation Mobile Number Role
1. Dr. M. K. Chandrasekaran HoD/CSE, Vice Principal 9597690018 Coordinator
2. Mrs. S. Sushikala
HoD/ECE 9659441155 Coordinator
3. Prof. N. Dhandapani HoD/Mech 9865223350 Coordinator
4. Mr. B. Gopalakrishnan HoD/EEE 9952358692 Coordinator
5. Mr. S. P. Thangavel HoD/ Fashion Technology 8344477171 Coordinator
6. Mrs. R. Maria Gilda Mol
HoD/Civil 8870431611 Coordinator
7. Mr. B. Sivakumar HoD/S&H 9600442328 Coordinator