The Women Development Cell will look after the welfare of the women employees / students. The WDC will organize various programmes for building their individual growth in positive mode including 360 degree development of women including employees/students of the institute, through events, health care awareness, family care assistance, stress management, fitness, training for skill development etc.,

All programmes will be conducted with proficient analysis done by the committee members with the approval of the management.

Committee Members

S. No Name Designation Mobile Number Role
1. Mrs. S. Sushikala HoD/ECE, 9659441155 Coordinator
2. Mrs. R. Maria Gilda Mol HoD/Civil 8870431611 Coordinator
3. Mrs. R. Saranya AP/CSE 8870431611 Coordinator
4. Mrs. Nazira Banu AP/S&H 9942413889 Coordinator